About Us

We are fun, we are fierce, and we believe that ORIGINALITY is your secret ingredient!

Originals by Africa’s Best, formerly known as Organics, launched in 2001 as an affordable haircare line for women and girls of every hair type and texture. It was formulated to help women with curly, kinky, coily, and straightened hair with their everyday hair needs.

Today, we are a well-loved and reliable brand staple in beauty supply stores across the U.S. and abroad in Africa, Latin America, and Europe.

Originals by Africa's Best is formulated with the BEST high-quality natural ingredients like shea butter, olive oil, tea tree oil, aloe, cloves, and more to help promote strong, soft, and healthy hair that makes hair maintenance and styling easy.

From the retail shelves to our website, you'll find our new look! Now our packaging is just as great as our formulas.