The truth is your hair changes at least 4-6 times a year depending on your hair’s texture, style, and hormones. Understanding your hair has a lot to do with its unique potential. Not the way of others, but the way of your own. Let’s take a deep dive into Winter Hair Truths for this time of year. This dive will hopefully open your mind to what you should and shouldn’t be doing during the winter months. 


Truth #1- Shedding is normal

In the winter, you will notice more natural shedding. Don’t worry that you’re experiencing hair loss, hair thinning, etc. If you’re seeing short hairs, that’s breakage. But it's most likely the entire strand falling off, which is just shedding!


Truth #2- Moisturize with Oil

You don’t have to just rely on Protein Treatments this time of the year. Oils are great too! Apply the Originals by Africa’s Best Carrot and Tea Tree oil every 2-4 days. Don’t overdo it because your hair strand still needs to breathe.


Truth #3- Keep your hair and scalp clean

Most of the time your hair feels dry because you aren’t properly cleansing your hair and removing product buildup. Clean hair accepts conditioner and styling agents. It’s your most important step! 

And we can’t forget about our scalps! Your scalp care routine should hold the same care as your skincare routine. It’s still skin! Scalp treatments such as oil treatment before cleansing will do the trick. Allow the Originals by Africa’s Best Carrot & Tea-Tree Oil to moisturize your scalp, followed by the Originals by Africa’s best Olive & Shea Moisturizing Shampoo for gentle exfoliation.

And stop damaging your scalp by using combs as shampoo brushes! Use a shampoo brush instead for great massaging and cleansing. 


Truth #4-Use a leave-in conditioner

Winter drains us of our natural moisture. This is why I encourage you to always choose more moisture treatments this time of year. Coating the shaft of your strand with the Originals by Africa’s Best Liquid Hair Mayonnaise Leave-in Conditioner will create an extra barrier for your strands.


Take the time to think about what your hair needs. You’ll notice a huge difference in connecting with your Crown! 


Written by hair educator: Lacy Fields/ @mshealthyhair

February 21, 2023